What should I wear to the interview?

You should feel comfortable and confident about your appearance and dress appropriate to the position you’re interviewing for.

What are some questions to expect?

Our questions tend to follow the opening of, "Tell me about a time when" or "Give me an example of a time when" you demonstrated a particular competency.

Your answers should be based on recent experiences on the job or at school or even at volunteer activities. We will be interested in hearing about the situation you were involved with, what you did, decisions you made, and the results or outcome.

We may even ask if there would be anything you'd do differently or what you learned as a result of the situation. The more recent your examples, the better!

Our interviewers are trained to probe for specifics if they are not initially given, so you'll have an opportunity to expand on your situations and examples, but it is strongly suggested that you give as much information upfront as possible.

Always remember - Relax!

People's experience and work backgrounds vary a great deal. Your experience is your experience and we'd like to explore it with you during your interview.

What is the hiring process like?

Listed below are the basic selection process steps. This is informational only. These steps may be modified and/or skipped at the discretion of the hiring manager. Moving forward through any of the steps does not guarantee an offer for the open position applied for.

  • Technical/Operational Skills Discussion. This may be done over the phone or one-on-one with the hiring manager or HR representative. This is designed to allow the hiring manager to ask about critical, technical or operational skills required for the job.
  • In-Person Interviews. This step may include a series of one-on-one and/or panel interviews. Panel interviews are quickly becoming popular to fill positions in Wendy's Restaurant Support Center, as this method allows for time efficiency and rich discussion.